Social and environmental commitment
is very important for us.

Breaking new ground has always fascinated us and has let us grow. The spirit and courage that drive us are rooted in our desire to improve
the environment in which we live…

We want lo leave a cleaner and better world to our children and among the many places our children visit there are the libraries: and this is wherewe got our idea for our project


In November 2010 On-Line service set up a brand new branch in Serbia. Our new company, located in Novi Sad, will benefit from our well proven know-how in the recycling field.

Raccoglitalia is the most organized network in Italy that operates in the micro collection of special waste throughout the national territory (eg exhausted print toner, WEEE, exhausted batteries, paper). The organization is widespread and guarantees punctual and efficient operations throughout the Italian territory, including the islands.

People forget
how fast
you did a perfect job,
but remember perfectly
how well you did it.

(Howard W. Newton)

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